WDI Day Forty-Five: Mongoose with Express & Intro to the MEAN Stack

After feeling really frustrated with Angular JS, I spent the weekend reviewing a few exercises and found myself beginning to feel a little bit better about Angular. I think the problem was that I was so overwhelmed with my group project, trying to tackle the front-end and back-end on my own, that it was all too easy to get discouraged by every technology we were using.

Today we did more work with Express and Mongoose, and worked on a lab where we created a very basic CRUD app in Express. I’m liking Express better than Angular thus far, but I really do need to immerse myself with both more to really know for sure how I feel. We also received a bit of an overview of the MEAN stack, but only really focused on using Mongo, Express, and Node. I’m looking forward to seeing how we incorporate Angular with this stack.

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