WDI Day Twenty-One: Sinatra and Getting Started on a Lab

Today was  a blur. We started off doing a quick coding exercise in JavaScript, and I realized I really need to hop around a lot more with these languages. You definitely get a little rusty when you put one language aside for a little bit.

Next we reviewed CRUD with ActiveRecord and Sinatra. The instructor walked us through setting up basic adding, deleting, and editing items in a simple Sinatra app. Then we worked on tackling the same work-flow, and later the class broke to begin working on a CRUD lab as well as another CRUD-related homework assignment.

One thing I’m noticing is that this bootcamp definitely gives you your fair share of highs and lows. Sometimes there are highs when you’ve managed to solve a problem creatively. Other times there are lows when you haven’t been able to figure something out. I guess the moral of the story is to keep at it when you’re having a low, because soon enough you will get another high.

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