WDI Day Twenty-Three: Intro to Rails

A few months ago I took a part-time course in Ruby on Rails. I liked how one of my classmates described the class like being taught Russian in Russian. It’s definitely difficult to wrap your mind around programming concepts when you haven’t had the experience or background. And today was a bit of a review for me, but at the same time, I realized how complex the concepts are and that it will definitely take a lot of repetition before I feel completely comfortable with it.

Today I took the opportunity to share a fake Rails error page that I put together while going through the frustration of working on my final project for that part-time course. My current class seemed to appreciate my sense of humor:


And after a day of Rails lectures, code-alongs, and trying to tackle a few tutorials, I feel like my head is spinning with words of controllers, models, and views. It’s making more sense, but it will take me a bit to feel more comfortable with the terminology and how to get started with setting up a rails app.

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