WDI Day Twenty-Two: Sinatra Lab

Working on associations and ActiveRecord is actually pretty fun. Today was a lab day, so for the entire day I coded away on a Pokemon lab app and a Landlord app. I didn’t bother putting in too much extra work with the Pokemon one, but I had some fun with styling and creating more dynamic drop downs for the landlord one. The apps focused on searching records, the association between records, and being able to add, update, and delete records. Seeing CRUD in action made it make a lot more sense to me.

One cool thing I learned today? The dependent destroy association, where you can delete all records of a table that are related to the record of another table. It was definitely a very cool moment realizing there was a simple way to resolve an issue I had. The more I delve into this whole coding thing, the hungrier I get to learn more. I’m excited to see how much progress I make next week. I never thought I’d understand CRUD so well, and with every repetitive line of code I write for these assignments, the more it sinks in.


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