WDI Day Twenty-Five: Rails Validations & Starting a Lab

Wow, what a blur of a day. I’ve been working on CRUD apps pretty much nonstop the past couple of days. I’m excited that I seem to be making some progress, and I always enjoy seeing actual projects getting pieced together. It’s the best way for me to really assess what I’ve accomplished.

We started the day off looking at rails validations, errors, and flash. Validations are ways to ensure that users don’t submit forms without filling out required fields. Flash are messages that let the user know what is happening (i.e. if they’ve created a new record). When it comes to errors, there are ways to handle the messages so that users don’t see the all-too-familiar rails red error views.

Later we started our lab which is a Game of Thrones-themed CRUD app. I had fun styling mine and finding images to use for the different characters and houses. I also stayed at GA pretty late getting the app up and running. Tomorrow I’ll have a chance to work on the bonuses and get started on the homework for the week – which is yet another CRUD app. And then at the end of the week, we’ll start our CRUD project. So much CRUD.

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