WDI Day Thirty-Nine: Project 3 Kickoff

The morning started off with reviewing the Git workflow process for teams. Up until now, we’ve never had to worry about merging branches. But with our teams for our project 3 work, we’ll definitely need to understand how to take care of this. It was difficult to concentrate during the Git review since everyone wanted to know who was in their group already.

When the project was announced, I was relieved. I’m grouped with two guys who are smart and have easy-going personalities. When it came down to it, I had the mentality that even though it would have been difficult if I was grouped with people who were difficult to work with, I could easily power through the process. Since after all, you do find yourself working with other people who you don’t necessarily get along with at work, so it’s something that you do run into from time to time in life.

The rest of the day was spent doing preliminary planning and mapping out how the project will go. We decided to work on a collaborative travel app, and we have yet to figure out how we’ll put the database together for it. I’m hoping I can resolve that over the weekend.

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