Redesigning’s Homepage

Earlier this year, I worked on reworking’s homepage. The main navigation was also reworked and was launched in conjunction with the homepage redesign project.

Previously, the homepage looked like this:

USGBC's website

As you can see, the logo and search box appeared right below the main navigation on every page. Thus the header took up quite a bit of real estate. The homepage itself had a carousel with banner images that were swapped out every few months.

I worked on redesigning the header so that the logo, search box, and navigational links all existed on the same line. For the homepage, instead of using a carousel, I worked on adding a video background with a text overlay and a call-to-action button. Here’s the final look:

USGBC's website

Overall, it was very exciting to refresh the look and feel of the website by making a few enhancements to the homepage, as well as the overall website layout.

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