What is the Difference Between null, NaN, and undefined in JavaScript?

The other day I was thinking about how earlier last year, I was interviewing like crazy, and sometimes I had recruiter phone screens where I was quizzed on various JavaScript terms. As I think of some of the questions I’ve been asked previously, I plan to write articles focusing on these questions and answers.


NaN means Not a number, and it denotes the value of an object is not a number. If you look at typeof NaN it will return 'number' since NaN is a numeric data type that is undefined as a real number. NaN can be returned if you do one of the following:

  1. Convert undefined into a number
  2. Convert a non-numeric string into a number
  3. Divide zero by zero
  4. Divide infinity by infinity
  5. Operation where the result is not a real number
  6. Method/expression’s operand is or gets coerced to NaN


null means the object is empty. It’s an assignment value that can be assigned to a variable that has no value.


undefined means that the object doesn’t have any value and is undefined. This happens when you declare a variable and don’t assign a value to it.

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