Background in Art and Affinity for Technology

Inspect Add-on

I’m a software engineer with frontend/full stack development experience, recently leaning more towards frontend development. I thrive in environments where I can collaborate across teams and mentor others.

I’m a lifelong learner who enjoys working with new frameworks/technologies in my free time or on various projects at work. Some of the technologies I’ve worked with include: React, Redux, Typescript, JavaScript, VueJS, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby.

My Story

Since my background is a little unusual, I’m usually asked how I got involved with working on websites. Here’s how:


I graduated with a degree in painting and creative writing.


During my senior year of college, I worked on a project where I put together a portfolio website for my artwork. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I remember how much I enjoyed putting together my portfolio website – learning new information, the struggle of getting things to work, and how proud I was when it all came together.



I started working as a website consultant for a nonprofit. I continued to learn how to build sites and build them better.



Later I found other opportunities where I learned new skills like how to build responsive websites and picked up other programming languages like Python and Ruby.


hungry for knowledge

And now I’m continuing to grow and learn. The web field is filled with endless possibilities to build different types of applications. And I am hungry to learn as much as I can.