Redesigning’s Homepage

Earlier this year, I worked on reworking’s homepage. The main navigation was also reworked and was launched in conjunction with the homepage redesign project.

Previously, the homepage looked like this:

USGBC's website

As you can see, the logo and search box appeared right below the main navigation on every page. Thus the header took up quite a bit of real estate. The homepage itself had a carousel with banner images that were swapped out every few months.

I worked on redesigning the header so that the logo, search box, and navigational links all existed on the same line. For the homepage, instead of using a carousel, I worked on adding a video background with a text overlay and a call-to-action button. Here’s the final look:

USGBC's website

Overall, it was very exciting to refresh the look and feel of the website by making a few enhancements to the homepage, as well as the overall website layout.

WDI Day Nine: Scopes, Closures, & User Stories

We reviewed JavaScript scope, context, and closures. It was helpful running through a couple of scope exercises, to ensure we knew when variables were being read locally or globally in different functions. Context involved going over “this,” and what “this” is referring to. I felt like I was able to grasp most of the concepts, although one of our in-class exercises proved to be pretty difficult for me. I feel like whenever something involves math, it takes me a little while to figure out how to get it working properly. Hopefully that will improve with time.

In the afternoon we went over problem solving and user stories in group. We were also told what the requirements will be for our first project which will need to be completed by Thursday of next week. I’ve decided to tackle making a JavaScript flash card game. My goal is actually to finish it early so I can tackle another game like hang man. I’m probably being a little overly ambitious, but we shall see what I can do…